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Dec 20, 2022

Josh is a chiropractor and has improved eczema, allergies, asthma, and histamine response on a carnivore diet.

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00:00 Trailer
00:38 Introduction
01:06 Josh is a chiropractor
01:36 Asthma and allergies as a kid
02:54 Eczema when in school
03:31 Eczema and asthma as autoimmune conditions
04:03 Immunology and pathology in chiropractic school
05:20 Gold feet, circulation problems
06:01 Different schools of chiropractic
06:36 Photo of Josh’s eczema
07:30 Diet of meat and fruit
07:56 Eczema is painful
08:37 Holistic cleanses
10:13 Supplementing
11:07 Problems with bacon
12:23 Shoulder pain returns with adding back foods
13:20 Headaches gone
14:26 Fruit and carb addiction
15:48 Itching has gone away
17:50 Giving advice to patients
18:45 Arthritis and diet
19:55 Nutrition from chiropractors
21:49 Can chiropractors prescribe?
22:42 Josh’s current diet
24:07 Tracking protein, fat
25:05 Body composition
26:54 Mental health benefits of carnivore diet
28:36 Accepting suboptimal as normal
29:45 Why are chiropractors more open to the carnivore diet?
31:12 Most chiropractors are self-employed
32:37 Time doctors spend with patients
35:40 Obesity and chiropractic
37:52 Chiropractors into fitness
39:48 Health of the Amish community
41:02 Digging our own graves with our forks
43:01 Functional medicine
45:18 Business model versus patient’s health
46:19 Lifestyle component
48:36 People who live without their colons
50:51 Where to find Josh

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