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Dec 23, 2022

Hal has owned 4 assisted living homes for about 7 years in Phoenix, AZ. They are having success with the carnivore diet and exercise with old people. They have two programs going on - a bariatric program to help people lose weight and a program to greatly diminish or possibly reverse the effects of Alzheimer's and other cognitive diseases. Find Hal at and on Twitter:

00:00 Trailer
00:47 Introduction
01:45 Pilot career
03:04 Getting into assisted living facilities
04:39 Reading books about Alzheimer's and dementia and senior health
06:35 Speaking to families about senior health
08:39 How Hal started on the carnivore diet
10:48 Younger people ending up in nursing homes
12:41 People developing dementia younger
14:39 Giving seniors sugar
17:04 Giving patients options
19:27 Bredesen protocol
21:22 Dentition and eating meat
23:51 Never-ending supply of sick people
26:03 What they feed seniors is assisted living facilities
28:11 Physicians taking people off medications
30:14 State regulations
32:19 Pushing Ensure on seniors
34:59 Residents leaving 
37:13 Challenges with residents’ diets
39:17 Cognitive benefits for seniors
41:25 Eating cake and not being able to find your room
42:59 Staff experience, turnover
44:41 The joys of curing patients
46:58 Where to find Hal and his facilities
48:34 Cost savings potential
49:16 Negativity about steak and eggs
51:13 Pushback from doctors

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