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Dec 21, 2022

Michelle began her health journey in the early 2000s, which ended in her running her first half-marathon at age 61 on a carnivore diet. Read Michelle's story here:

Find Michelle on her website:

00:00 Trailer
00:37 Introduction
01:35 Adequate protein
02:50 Bloating and constipation
04:05 Electrolytes
05:28 Training recovery
06:42 History of undereating
08:05 Menopause symptoms
09:35 Cortisol response
11:05 Fruit and honey experiment
12:30 Adding extra butter
13:53 Arm hurts
15:34 Wasting time cooking non-carnivore foods
17:08 Is the carnivore diet too extreme?
18:47 Cognitive performance, mental health on the carnivore diet
20:44 High protein diet advocates
22:02 Going stricter carnivore diet
23:48 Carbs impact on appetite
25:03 Protein requirement
26:45 Protein consumption in grams per pound body weight
28:07 Cities banning meat
30:37 Social situations on the carnivore diet
32:31 Tracking biomarkers
34:44 Out of the pre-diabetic range
36:13 Supplements
38:02 Eating organ meats – or not
39:51 Endurance
42:21 C40 cities’ goals
44:45 Raising animals humanely
46:45 Butchering animals
48:42 Where to find Michelle


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