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Mar 7, 2023

Coach Lisa G is a retired music educator, singer, dancer, long-distance runner, and fitness instructor. She has been active all her life and never had a weight problem until her teens. At age 16, she started down the path of restricting, binging, counting calories, over-exercising, and obsessing about food.  She previously struggled with anxiety and depression. After YEARS of low carb AND low fat along with being a  "vegetarian," she first found the ketogenic diet in 2014 and then the carnivore diet in 2021.

The carnivore diet has helped immensely with reducing inflammation, belly bloat, post-menopausal issues, and mental health.

Lisa is now a certified carnivore coach. Her goal is to help others with some of the issues that have affected her life. Find Coach Lisa here:

00:00 Trailer
00:39 Introduction
02:37 Never say never; disordered eating
04:00 Different diets, different exercise regimes
06:06 Depression on vegetarian diet
08:09 Switching from ketogenic diet to carnivore diet
10:09 Carnivore diet and family
12:10 Meat and environment
13:25 Long-distance running without carbohydrates
15:22 Lisa’s diet today
18:37 Lisa’s weight today
20:52 Electrolytes on the carnivore diet
24:05 How Lisa broke her arm and healed on the carnivore diet
26:02 Lisa’s life in Tucson
28:26 Cholesterol on the carnivore diet
31:07 Lean mass hyper responders
33:10 The role of CAC scores
35:27 Women’s fat needs
36:52 Mental health on the carnivore diet
40:00 Nursing homes
43:05 Healthcare companies’ perverse incentives
46:44 Training and sleeping on the carnivore diet
50:39 Where to find Coach Lisa

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