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He Had A Stroke 30 Years Ago, Then He Tried This | Dr. Shawn Baker & Dave

Dec 27, 2022

Dave is a 47-year-old Australian. When he was 17 he suffered a sub-arachnoid haemorrhage and stroke in his sleep. He's a computer programmer and public speaking trainer, and he has lived in Japan for the last 16 years. In early June he was overweight and feeling unhealthy. His doctor said he was likely pre-diabetic and needed to give up alcohol. Dave decided to go to a diet he knew well: low-carb/keto. After a few weeks on keto he transitioned to carnivore and he has never felt better. The carnivore has not only improved his overall health but helped him with post-stroke therapy (30 years after the stroke). Find Dave at

00:00 Trailer
00:34 Introduction
01:10 Stroke at age 17
03:04 Using diet to manage stroke symptoms
04:45 Staying in hospital for a few days
05:48 Coil in aneurysm 
08:07 Deciding to address stroke symptoms 30 years later
10:13 Pre-diabetes diagnosis
12:10 Atkins diet and stroke symptoms
14:17 Arthritis gone
16:02 Other health benefits (skin, cognition)
18:37 Attitude toward meat in Japan
20:35 Everything improving except for one biomarker
22:18 Eating a “balanced” diet
24:14 Plant-based diet in Japan
26:00 Integrating into Japan
27:31 One meal a day
28:48 Seafood in Japan
30:13 Budget on carnivore diet in Japan
32:07 No longer pre-diabetic
34:45 Pushback
36:39 Vegan diets and stroke risk
39:44 Podcast goals for the future
41:48 Autoimmune disease in Japan
43:22 Career in Japan
45:34 Where to find Dave


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