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Nov 20, 2023

Dr. Ian Billinghurst is a Veterinary Surgeon with expertise in Education, Agricultural Science, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, particularly Acupuncture. Widely known as the "father of raw feeding," Dr. Billinghurst introduced the concept in his pioneering 1993 book, "Give Your Dog a Bone," which ignited the raw feeding movement. He delved deeper into the nutritional causes of orthopedic diseases in young dogs with his 1998 book, "Grow Your Pups with Bones," which has since become the go-to guide for dog breeders on raw feeding. In 2001, he presented the "Biologically Appropriate RAW Food" (BARF) paradigm in "The BARF Diet," promoting it as the gold standard for companion animal nutrition. Taking his philosophy a step further, in 2005, he started producing BARF on a commercial scale. 

In 2016, Dr. Billinghurst explored the connection between nutrition and cancer in "Pointing the Bone at Cancer," emphasizing the potential of metabolic solutions, including ketosis, to target cancer's vulnerabilities. By early 2022, he joined "Gussy’s Gut," a U.S.-based company producing fermented superfoods to bolster the intestinal microbiome, as a senior advisor. Throughout his career, Dr. Billinghurst has offered consultations on evolutionary nutrition for both individuals and commercial enterprises.

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:03:27 Unknown dogs and their carnivorous diet.
00:06:42 Processed pet food causes health problems.
00:10:33 Evolution of dog food business from biscuits.
00:14:07 Veterinary profession promotes processed pet food.
00:18:04 Dogs prefer protein and less carbohydrates.
00:22:33 Ketogenic diet: Important tool for brain cancer.
00:23:26 Ketogenic diet for dogs linked to early death.
00:27:16 Fermented, balanced dog diet with prebiotics.
00:31:02 Cats: carnivores; dogs: scavengers; different dietary needs.
00:33:33 Dogs fight for bones, they need them.
00:39:48 Dogs hunt, eat chicken, stay energized all day.
00:43:41 Kibble-fed, spayed/neutered pets may have hormonal issues.
00:45:55 Dogs fed raw food mimic wild eating.
00:49:13 Owner's dog dies after eating chicken wings.
00:52:01 Vets scare owners and remove bones unnecessarily.
00:56:28 Varied diet with different colored poo.
00:58:49 Commercial raw feeding program registration.

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