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Nov 16, 2023

Robert is a digitally fluent finance and operations executive (CEO/CFO/COO/CIO) with broad spectrum leadership experience across the enterprise tech, consumer tech, corporate finance, international M&A, tax strategy, wealth management, Bitcoin, and cryptoasset domains. Robert holds a Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance and a Master’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Tennessee Haslam College of Business. His mission in life is to maximize freedom for humanity.

Asking yourself that all-important question "What is Money?" is the rabbit which will lead you down the proverbial rabbit hole of new inquiries, perspectives on socioeconomic reality, and worldview-shattering revelations. Undoubtedly, it is the single most significant question we can ask ourselves in a world drowning in deception. By engaging in deep conversations with a diversity of deep thinkers from all walks of life, we will doggedly pursue this "rabbit" in our relentless hunt for truth.

Robert Breedlove is a freedom maximalist, ex-hedge fund manager, and philosopher in the Bitcoin space. To him, Bitcoin is fundamentally a humanitarian movement exposing the greatest con in human history: central banking. By learning about the connection between honest money, entrepreneurship, and civilization, we are renewing hope for the future of humanity. To this end, Robert's mission is to restore freedom, truth, and virtue in our world by tenaciously asking the question: "What is Money?"

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:02:40 Bitcoin enlightenment. Central banking monopoly. Historical currency manipulation.
00:10:00 Central banks gain absolute power, depreciate currency.
00:14:59 Business issues liabilities for gold; Nixon shock during WWII.
00:17:27 US printing dollars, deficit privilege, gold redemption. Nixon shock.
00:24:15 US dollar: zeros added, inflation burdened, inequality.
00:30:09 Bitcoin preservation as superior money technology.
00:34:56 Bitcoin: the Internet of economic value.
00:40:38 Bitcoin's circular dynamic incentivizes distribution, spending.
00:43:25 Accumulating Bitcoin as a long-term savings.
00:51:27 Unavoidable normality, central banks buy Bitcoin.
00:54:18 Bitcoin undermines the power of the government.
01:00:31 Bitcoin: Immutable property, preserving liberty and life.
01:03:53 Concerns about access to money and food.
01:10:09 Freedom gained by trading stocks, outperforming others.

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