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Nov 13, 2023

Dr. Derrick Castro, a seasoned periodontist with 24 years of experience, brings an unrivaled depth of knowledge and skill to the field of dentistry. Earning his degree from the reputable University of Iowa and receiving specialized training at George Washington University and Bethesda Medical Center, he possesses a distinguished academic foundation. His commitment to service is evident from his 15-year tenure as a dentist and periodontist in the U.S. Navy, a journey made possible by a U.S. Navy scholarship that covered his dental education and specialty training. For the past decade, Dr. Castro has been dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to patients in Chico and Redding, California, through his solo practice. 

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:05:12 Peterson's diet change cured his disease.
00:08:35 Excess fluoride in water prevents tooth decay.
00:11:14 Fluoride and calcium repair tooth decay.
00:13:00 Frequent snacking leads to tooth decay.
00:17:16 Long-term habits cause cavities, especially in kids.
00:19:28 I'll take over 2 days, fatigued, family history.
00:23:54 Internet led to surprising transformation for woman with skin condition.
00:26:03 Impressive results using a new treatment.
00:31:49 Prevention via diet to resolve periodontal disease.
00:35:20 Fluoride, diet, glycemic index, bacteria, sugar.
00:38:32 Cholesterol's role in immune system: uncertain.
00:41:38 Military partner, LDS guy, advocates carnivore diet.
00:44:02 Carnivore advocate discovers success with autoimmune diseases.
00:48:49 Evidence of positive outcomes with diet.
00:49:49 Hard-to-deny results.
00:52:42 Where to find Derrick.

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