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Finally - A Carnivore Fertility Doctor! | Dr. Shawn Baker & Dr. Robert Kiltz

Jun 14, 2022

Dr. Kiltz is a renowned fertility doctor who has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Parents Magazine, Diet Doctor, and much more.  He is the founder and director of CNY Fertility and a passionate advocate of the ketogenic/carnivore diet for fertility and overall health and wellness. He has a prolific blog in the ketogenic space and has published several different books on a variety of topics including his most recent cookbook collaboration with Maria Emmerich, the Keto for Fertility Cookbook. On top of this, he recently launched a few supplement lines, Molecular Fertility and Doctor Kiltz Nutritional Solutions. 

00:00 Introduction
04:11 Traditional treatment of infertility success rates
08:43 Patients on paleo
11:50 How to talk to patients about carnivore diet
15:01 Fertility rates going down
18:20 Plants and inflammation
21:41 Autoimmune vs immune
24:16 Ice cream recipe
27:55 Fats and oils
30:59 Dr. Kiltz’ health today
34:20 What does Dr. Kiltz eat?
38:07 Glycobiome
41:52 Kreb cycle
46:38 Pregnancy and breastfeeding on carnivore
52:30 Going vegan to save the environment
55:20 Where to find Dr. Kiltz

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