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Nov 18, 2023

In just 20 months, Lindy underwent an extreme weight loss transformation, shedding over 450 lbs. She successfully reversed her type 2 diabetes and saw significant improvements in her lymphedema and lipedema symptoms. Migraines, once a regular affliction for Lindy, are now a thing of the past. She has also triumphed over sleep apnea, a condition that once required nightly assistance. From once being housebound due to mobility and balance concerns, Lindy now embraces an active lifestyle. Passionate about her mission, she's eager to connect with like-minded professionals in the health, wellness, and personal growth sectors.

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:05:53 Remote work, struggling, health concerns, fear.
00:07:21 Carnival diet transformed my life and health.
00:10:21 Restriction difficult, noise in head, craving bad.
00:13:42 Octifast Shakes to shrnk liver for surgery.
00:17:01 Australia's red meat consumption and mental health.
00:21:39 Importance of self-love despite body size.
00:25:01 Weight gain during COVID, assumed 800 lbs.
00:28:14 Regained life, happy, judged by extended family.
00:30:21 Improved health after trying Carnival; doctor skeptical.
00:34:43 Long wait for surgeon, lost job. Doubtful about surgery now.
00:36:37 Lost weight, better mental health, improved skin.
00:40:48 Todd's interview. 
00:42:09 Scarce red meat leads to processed vegan diets.
00:47:34 Hopeless, desperate, lost job, AI takeover, resilience
00:49:13 Encouraging others to try awesome, beneficial possibilities.

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